When the teeth are not their whitest, a person can begin to feel self-conscious about their smile. Over time, stains begin to buildup on the teeth and cause darkening, yellowing and even brown shades to develop. The dentist anchorage can help a person to overcome their staining issues so they can recover the beauty of their smile. Teeth whitening can be accomplished through a bleaching treatment that helps to lift the deepest of stains so the teeth become as white as possible.

To treat the teeth, they first need to be cleaned. Teeth cleaning is carried out to remove the film of plaque and tartar that can prevent the absorption of the whitening agent. Once the teeth are cleaned, the Anchorage Dentist will protect the sensitive gum tissue. Protecting the gums is crucial for preventing irritation to the gum tissue. Since the whitening solution is so strong, it is important the gum tissue is shielded from damage.

When the dentist has protected the gums, the treatment will be placed on the teeth. The active ingredient of the whitening solution is a strong hydrogen peroxide. This whitener will penetrate the deepest layers of the tooth so the whitener can go all the way to the dentin level, where the vast majority of stains become trapped.

The anchorage dentist will time the whitening treatment and then rinse the teeth to reveal the results. While many people can achieve the shade of whitening they want with one treatment, most people will need more than one treatment, depending on the level of staining. With further treatments, the dentist can help a patient to whiten their teeth up to ten shades lighter.

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Today’s teeth whitening treatments are safer than ever and do not cause any discomfort or increased sensitivity. Some whitening treatments even contain calcium and fluoride to help strengthen the teeth and prevent their nutrients from being leached during the whitening process.

After the teeth have been fully whitened, the dentist will advise his patient on keeping them as white as possible between treatments. The results of a whitening treatment will typically last up to two years as long as the patient brushes and flosses as often as recommended and uses a whitening toothpaste and rinse.

To learn more about the options for teeth whitening, visit anchoragehealthysmiles This site is full of information that can allow patients to better understand their dental treatment options. With teeth whitening treatments, a person’s smile can be made beautiful again so they can fully regain their confidence.

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